St. Beaufort - Trails & Guns (2018)

1. Hampton Roads 

Once every hour the clock on that wall
Will strike and remind you of time
You’re bound to your chair with a pen in your hand
Twenty new lines due tonight

Still fighting the battle from decades ago
Living on Hampton Roads
More places to go and new tales to be told
Leaving from Hampton Roads

Out on your porch you’re as free as a lark
To fly in your sweet golden cage
You search for a story that’s thicker than water
But nothing appears on the paper


The cannons ran hot and the shells hammered iron The ships and the soldiers moved on
Like a sailor at sea when the winds freshen up
You chart a new course to the west



2. Bar Talks

Have you heard of this place
That the folks in this town talk about
Only late at night

It’s far in the west
After desert so dry and mountains
Few have ever crossed

There is a treasure
Deep in the ground, but it’s guarded
Protected from the greedy

Do you want to go--don’t know if it’s worth it
We can do it together and--maybe--share what we find
We’ll surely strike a deal

It’s just an old story, such a journey’s a folly
And failure is sure, but go on if you must

Some lost their lives
And souls have been taken, but we will survive
Le ruego al Señor

You won’t come along--no it’s time I head home
That’s a pity to know--and she’s waiting--‘cause I’m on my way
To find what is mine

We’ll think of you, when I get there
When I have found
What I’ve been looking for


3. 1848 (The Takers)

The weaver’s needle cast a shadow
Across the arid tapestry of plundered plains
Scarlet thread upon the sandstone pointed where to go
We bled the sacred mountain’s veins

Forced the secret open no fear was felt
But savage justice was the deal we dealt
All around us, riders appeared
Abandon hope ye who enter here

Beware the takers
Remember well
I’ve been where you’re going
This mine is a gate to hell

Once we tasted luck it was a wasted warning
I watched my brothers fall one by one
Trespassers found no forgiveness that morning
Their bones lie bleaching there in the sun

Was it for god or glory or simple greed
Survivor of this massacre, guilty I plead
All around me their ghosts still appear
Natives and of traitors and another trail of tears



4. Bulldog Canyon

Do you remember how fast we used to run
The times I lost control and you took off across that riverbed
Galloped through the reservation staring at the sunsets
Barely needing words, all we needed known unsaid

And I miss you
I wish you were still here
But Bulldog Canyon walls are steep
And jumping cholla caused you fear
I miss you
The way you made me feel
Like water in the desert
Took my dream and made it real

Do you remember, the first time I saw your face
You were young and shy and different from the others too
Suddenly I knew just what I wanted, Hail Mary full of grace
Said please let her be mine one day, oh let this prayer come true


I remember, I never said goodbye
How I drove across New Mexico and Texas just to dream
That you remembered me, and that broken legs could fly
And the fear that pushed you over
Could have brought you back to me



5. Jacob's Waltz

Brother against brother we parted
You cursed me, unable a bartered blessing to regain
I fled to the west, left my family and I started
A civil war in my heart, usurper’s name to obtain

I kissed her and I wept, for seven years I waited
An exile, ever toiling among the thistle and the thorns
Then one night ‘neath the moonlight, the claim that we created
Meant the time had come to set her free
And find a new morning

An outlaw I wander this valley of visions
I know there’s a ladder to heaven underground
Digging outside the devil’s door, looming superstitions
I might always be lost, but there’s gold to be found

And I’m struggling with angels, and it’s time I’m returning This map in my hands is a thorn in my side
It touched me, I limp onward, and it never stops burning
So I saddle my mules, to the hills I must ride
Ascending, descending, the work my hands crave Shadows from the kerosene lamp flicker on the cave
Stranger in strange lands, a prospecting slave



6. Hidden Force

She falls asleep again, escape the rush and strain
The scenery unfolds, but still her eyes are closed
The warm rays of light cross the dark window sill

She wakes up in the morning and rises again
The myriads of thought from last night dissipate
What’s the true hidden force that has so many names

The chasers all around, she listens to their sound
A face long lost and forgotten, to keep her up and running



7. The Cold

I never heard you say before the draft was creepin’ in
The space beneath our wooden door lies helpless ‘gainst the wind
I built this cottage hastily, but with a steady hand
I hammered sawed and eventually
It turned out almost as planned

Your lips, they moved so lovely
I had to stop and stare for a while
Can’t forget the way you won’t let
The cold defeat your smile

Winter sneaked into the rafters and rain made the beams swell
But our crooked happily-ever-afters will follow just as well


Days turned to weeks, weeks into years
Now grass and weeds grow through the walls
And the rain is falling through the ceiling like my tears
When I lost you I lost it all



8. Elzic's Return



9. Trails & Guns

By the banks of the Rio, we stepped into the night
The ridges before us in black and white
We followed the trail, snow crunching under our feet
We’re all taking turns at taking the lead

We covered the distance at a steady pace
And functioned like clockwork, never left a trace
Perspectives were deadlocked, they stuck like glue
Where this would lead us, nobody knew

A fork in the trail, I stare at you, no clue on where to go
Been here before, you just shrugged - we’ll go with our guns

Look back on these years, some better some worse
The blackbird still cawing up on the hearse
The past is defeated nothing to lose
March for a future, a fate we can choose



10. Winding Way

If I fall down on the concrete by your doorstep
Would you sweep me oh so gently to the side
Could you see through the gray the cold
These blazing colors to behold
As I’m tossed against the season’s turning tide

As I whisper ‘cross these cobblestones before you
Driven to wander by the west wind’s rage
Would you keep on walking by,
Would you don’t go gently cry,
And write the last words for this wrinkled page

I’m on my way, I’m on my winding way
I’m on my way, I’m on my winding way

As you tremble with the terror of our parting
And the dying of the light darkens your eyes
These storm clouds gather round
Oh this dance into the ground
Just remember there’s a hope behind goodbyes


Well I’ve traveled from the palace to the gutter
Traded counting golden coins for hobo’s hands
I’ve learned that some deceiving
Ain’t a ground to stop believing
Still searching for the strength to take a stand



St. Beaufort - St. Beaufort (2015)

1. Wolf

The captive glance betrays the rising flood
The blanket folding, holding trick of hiding
Disguising gaze that cools in ways unknown,
The frosty fear that spreads with her deciding

As it waxes just to wane
Glowing moon, grown insane
All this howling, was it pain
Or a just a dream spent in vain

Once a month the wolf cries alone, calls her back home
Could it be destiny, or gravity
This tidal wave, could drowning save the one doomed to roam
Marked by fate still carrying the weight of gravity,  resonating


The force of silence echoes on and on
My passive darts of sorrow pierce and ricochet
This firefight cast angry light, like a stormy dawn,
Still holding on, reflections teach me of day


2. A Mercenaries' Band

Now we sail ahead through the heavy seas
And there's no tomorrow and nothing to lose
How the wind beats down on our ship tonight and it sways
When we reach the promised land tonight
We will go ashore and we'll find that gold
When we've found it we'll drink through the night my dear and we sing:

Oh no, let them go
This fool's gold sparkles
Look closely, take your time
Until you act in concert

A mercenaries' band will never understand
A castle made of sand sits on this barren land


Flat broke, play old folk
It's here, it's there, it's everywhere
Still going, on our way
Come by and join the joyride

A mercenaries' band will never understand
A castle made of sand sits on this barren land



3. In Spades

Here's to you
The time has come
Tried and true
You've come undone
It's all been said

Let the singer sing
His song to you
Give up what you have in spades
If you stick like glue
And just paint anew
The northern lights won't fade away

Where is your self-esteem my friend?
Collapsing like a house of cards
You're losing grounds, the time is up
Been driving down a dead-end road

Cash in hand
Put it down
The marching band
Comes to town
It's all been said



4. House on a Hill

I wrote your name on a log
I wrote your name on a log
I hope that you will see, them letters on that tree
I wrote your name on a log

On a log, On a log
I wrote your name on a log
I hope that you will see, them letters on that tree
I wrote your name on a log

Let me sing you a little love song
Let me sing you a little love song
I hope that you will hear, this melody my dear
Let me sing you a little love song

Love song, Love song
Let me sing you a little love song
I hope that you will hear, this melody my dear
Let me sing you a little love song

Then I'll take you way out west
I'll take you way out west
To that place beyond the pines, where them little angels fly
I'll take you way out west

Out west, out west
I'll take you way out west
To that place beyond the pines, where them little angels fly
I'll take you way out west

And I'll build you a house on a hill
I'll build you a house on a hill
We'll live there in our high, making love till we die
I'll build you a house on a hill

On a hill, on a hill
I'll build you a house on a hill
We'll live there in our high, making love till we die
I'll build you a house on a hill

I wrote your name on a log
I wrote your name on a log
I hope that you will see, them letters on that tree
I wrote your name on a log

On a log, On a log
I wrote your name on a log
I hope that you will see, them letters on that tree
I wrote your name on a log


5. Mountain

You might climb the wrong mountain, if you lose sight of your road
You could wander past the shepherd's haunts, weighed down by your load
But when the midnight closes in around and your heels are bit by fear
Sing a song and rest your head, until your way draws near

My feet sank in the mud, you laughed and walked behind
An empty bottle at my side, no spring for miles could I find
Steer graze to the left of me, the giant limps ahead
Our guide is lovely, but she leaves us for her ocean bed


Not the city we were seeking, just a steeple on the hill
Thirsty and scared, then out of nowhere strangers let us drink our fill
And we descended into darkness like miners in the earth
Shuffling sandals, the wandering vandals found what a melody’s worth


Arrive in the ghost town sleep in the cemetery, rain sends us running for cover
Makin’ the most of a front porch dormitory, the mayor's floor is soft as any other


Arrive in the ghost town sleep in the cemetary
Rain send us running for cover
Making the most of a front porch dormitory
The mayor's stone floor is soft as any other



6. Yellow Notes

Layers of yellow notes
Sticking on your bedroom wall still today
They each contain one thought of yours
From back when we were young, when the future lay ahead

You pick one, and read it out, aloud
It says "I wanna pack my bag and go"
But you never went away
So you have only seen some parts of France

There is a light
Seems far away
We are afraid
It soon will fade
I tell you it's small but really close

You reach out and grab a note, one more
It says "I won't back down", like Tom had said
But you never stood your ground
That's why you have become so soft and stout

The hands of time have turned, oh boy
We have gotten old and our hair is grey
Now you realize it's not too late  
So you take down the notes and leave this place

7. Family

In these days of fairytales
Royal road, traffic-choked
The daylight's coming near
It'll dry up your tears

Turn away from the past
I have seen you holding fast
But it won't be long before
You will be free

We are here, we're your family
You came home, so valiantly
As your vision becomes clear
>our journey begins

With your heart, first and last, 
You will learn to know apart
Still don't know what it will bring
But that is alright

8. Walking the Dust

I's rolling across this bright wide sky
You were always in front of me
I could not see you from the West
And only now I see

Walking the dust
Sleeping the mile
Speaking no worries, no lies

You packed all you bags
And left no tomorrow
Couldn't even say goodbye

Calling to me, over pines
A song that's sweeter than dew
I's caught by my own Catcher in the Rye
And I hanged onto cliffs for you


I pleaded my case, all night long
Said that I need to stay
You told me our time was long past done
And sent me along on my way


Lifting my head, I saw no dawn
And had to do my deed
Standing your ground, strong like a mountain
It was I who had to leave



9. Antonie

Her name was Antonie
And he met her for tea
And he surely and so gently laid the world at her feet
The clouds drifting away
Mountains giving way
To the valley

And if all they had is gone
Though at first they carry on
She's strong, so quick on the draw
Before she hits the floor

Her beauty and her smile
Take no denial
She tried to set the pace and the tea soon was laced
Spot the flash of light
A show is on tonight
It stars Tonie



10. Calais

Well me and Maple Dee, yeah we been sittin’ in a cell
For half an hour, maybe three or five, it’s gettin’ hard to tell
With the baby-stealin’ gypsy, keeps cryin’ in the corner
I turned and said, we better run

And it’s time to jump the border
Well it’s time to jump the border
Together we can make it over

You said the mounties couldn’t chase us here, guess you were wrong
‘Cause those two flying dutchmen cut us off and moved us right along
And now we’re runnin’ redlights, chasin’ headlights, diesel in my lungs
But I can’t leave this song unsung



11. Nothing to Hide

Train got in this morning
Travellin light makes me fast
The town is still deserted
Got time to tie my lace

I've come a long way
I've come a long way
Now I'm here

A flower shop on main street
Lilies by my bed
Scents may alter senses
And lighten up our lives

I've come a long way
I've come a long way
Now I'm here

Closing another chapter
Makes it hard to fake a smile
I got nothing, got nothing left to hide

Burying the hatchet
Weeping love grass grows
We're looking to tomorrow
And raise another glass

I've come a long way
I've come a long way
Now I'm here



12. Out of Service

There was a place for someone
like you, someone like me
We spent our lives together
And taught ourselves to live
There came a time of losses
To see who's holding tight
But you were not believing
And ran away that night

The trains are out of service
You're staying where you're at
He'll tell you words of wisdom
 The dearest of affection
He'll truly show for you
But when the day is over
Your dreams might not come true

There are some clouds in heaven
That carry our thoughts well
They're hidden from the strangers
But never go away


Singles (2015-)

Tilted Room

Empty bottles they line the walls of an ancient apartment room
Conversations and sweet ruminations, on the word that could conquer the tomb
Sitting there not a worry or care our thoughts grew like new life in the womb
Visions of truth unafraid of our youth in the miller’s tilted room
In the miller’s tilted room

Like seeds in the wind we were scattered and sent to the corners of this fair land
From deserts and mountains to coastal towns countin’ the miles like the grains of the sand
Or the stars in the night endless beacons of light ever-distant but always at hand
Shared in a mission, held fast to tradition, eyes set on a promised land
Eyes set on a promised land

Was it all for nothing, I cry out alone
As i scream through the darkness, will I ever get home
Answer back now

Drained to the dregs as my wanderer’s legs found their way to a foreign soil
Cast off from the known I sailed out all alone, to conquer to plant and to toil
Through this valley i walk, I cling to my rock, anoint my head with oil